Medical MicrOrings®

As the premiere manufacturer of seals and sealing devices, we offer the largest selection of medical MicrOrings® available anywhere. Plus, no other company offers more experience and expertise in custom-engineered micro miniature sealing solutions.

What is a Medical MicrOring®?

We designed medical MicrOrings® in order to meet ever-increasing demand for effective seals in a range of miniature applications and precise medical instruments. In general, a medical MicrOring® seal is any o-ring that measures less than 1 mm in either inside diameter or cross section.

Our MicrOrings® come in more than 2,000 sizes — ranging from the largest, with an inside diameter or cross section of .039 in. (1.0 mm), down to .015 in. (.38 mm) inside diameter and cross section.

Why use Medical MicrOrings®?

  • Unprecedented precision. These seals can provide tighter tolerances and added finesse required in today's micro miniature applications. Our high-precision, high-speed CNC machines cut our MicrOrings tool in our in-house mold center.
  • Known leader. We've earned the reputation for solving tough sealing problems associated with smaller designs. Even our competitors have recommended us for challenging micro miniature medical applications that were beyond their capabilities.

Micro Miniature Sealing Solutions

When MicrOring® become too hard to install or tolerance stack up becomes too hard to control, our design engineers can look at your design for a micro miniature sealing solution. We have developed micro miniature composite seals that bond medical grade rubbers to plastic and metals. This eliminates the need for multi component assemblies and helps reduce problems with tolerance stack ups.

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